Thursday, May 04, 2006


The lettuces in the raised bed are doing great , I wonder if you can see the bits bitten off by the pheasant....plenty in any case to keep us going.

As a downshifter I am saving money but from time to time we have to invest in some machinery.....what can the above be? Its a beanslicer. I am getting ready for the time when the runner beans are plenty and I start preserving them. My Dh remembers his Mum having one of these and when I spotted it on Ebay I thought it was a bargain. Someone else probably would have thought it was rubbish but the machinery produced for use in the kitchen was manual and heavy. Its bound to last a few years.
I have been reading up on canning but cannot find the equipment over here in the UK. The jars are easy to find but not the pressure canning equipment and the water bath canning equipment. I need to do some more research on that....keep looking you never now when someone unearths something in their attic and wants to recycle it.
Maybe AJ and Matt will find it in Nova Scotia?


Katie said...


Katie said...

For boiling water canner you can use a giant stock pot with a lid and put a towel on the bottom so that the jars don't sit directly on the bottom of the pot. You can't fake the pressure canner.

The photos & garden are beautiful.