Thursday, May 18, 2006


I have forgotten how to play. Not only cricket with my boys, or the game of 'monopoly' but to spend time doing what gives me a feeling of wellbeing and peace and joy. So yesterday, I got my big pot out, some yarn and dyed it. It started with white yarn, blue, yellow and red colouring and have ended up with something completely merged, different and unique. Maybe that's how life works out for each of us, take a life, add some colour and you get a unique person. All I had to do was to provide the right environment, softly tend to it and stand back in awe that what I thought would happen actually had not and what I was presented with was a unique colourway. I will never look at my children in the same way.

On a more serious note, I am preparing plants for the village plant sale this weekend, adding to community and hopefully will bring back some plants I do not have in the garden. I have 25 tomatoe plants left, some purple sprouted and red cabbage plants and just cannot bring myself to put them on the compost heap. I am sure it will help some of those ' busy' folk who buy plants. I had fun tending to them but 25 left over is just too much. I have made a note not to plant so many seedling out next year but then you never know do you? There is plenty to do in the garden at the moment but its looking good.

Today I am cultivating and nurturing relationships in my life, sharing soup with a friend so we can catch up with what is happening in our lives. Not far away as my fuel allowance is carefully running out and this trip will be combined with a plastic bottle recycling trip.

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