Friday, May 26, 2006


Its going to be tight, I have another 40 miles in my fuel tank and am beginning to feel fuel deprived. Not really but it just goes to show that managing on one tank of fuel is challenging. Its done wonders for our budget though and I am pleased with the fact that we have spent more thinking time than automatic behaviour, jumping in our cars and going out. This will be continued in June I think.

On clothes, I have far too many, will be giving some away again, and have decided to make notes in my diary about the things that I really need and then I can keep a lookout in the charity shops or make plans to make the items myself if that is feasible. I saw an article on how to make kitchen aprons from curtains which sounds feasible but again, I have 4 aprons and need only 2!
My yarn shash also has been put on hold, no more buying and it is pleasing to see what is happening and what space it is creating. I decided that my dog needs a new blanket and I will be using up all those bits and bobs I have saved from projects over the years. It will be gaudy I am sure but then as long as it is cosy the dog will not mind. It will keep me busy also.

To make changes this month I have had to look at the behaviour I have automatically taken on, which is probably induced by watching and reading ads a lot of the time. I have struggled in the past with' having the perfect bidy' but if it fits and I am comfortable in it......

The gardening has become my earth gym and I am quite contented at the moment. That is a first too......always on the lookout for the next adrenaline rush at work, and now I am just happy standing in the polytunnel munching on the odd strawberry that ripens. Feels good.

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Katie said...

Garden gym - love that term and it's so true - workouts for the body and soul.