Monday, May 22, 2006


Its been raining now for 3 days, which in a way is great as the plants really need it but it hampers any work outside in the garden.
Lettuce is still on the menu most days, and the chickens are enjoying eating fresh greens that are going over. I need to really manage the amount I grow as a pinch of lettuce seeds every 14 days should be enough to last a family on lettuce. Potatoes should be ready soon and that will be a welcome surprise.
The first strawberry in the tunnel was lovely, not enough there to make a dish with, but the occasional one on my granola makes a welcome change.
Monday's is my ' get the house straight' day and I have been up there polishing mirrors, cleaning out bins and recycling the rubbish. Any moment now, the sun will shine and I will be out there again.
I am enjoying the new way of life, a little slower, a smaller life and the stress is dropping away. I just did not realise how tense I was..........the here and now is on the menu and here and now is simply great.

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