Wednesday, May 03, 2006


On a day like today, full of warm sunshine you just have to bathe in it like the plants do. It has been very busy getting the seedlings out in the garden, hoeing and weeding and watering the plants in. Its coming together. I really do not feel that I am doing that much in the garden, most of it is done automatically and mother earth seems to do the rest.
I have managed to have too many plants so will be sharing them around the neighbourhood.


I am so pleased, so far filled the tank up and have done 29 miles to date. Thats about right on target and I am not planning on using the car for the rest of the week.

The boys shared outdoor work this weekend, one washed the car and let the water run onto the flowerbeds, one did some strimming on weedy areas in the shrub border and little DS helped DH with the additional flowerbed.


Silly beautiful creature loves my luscious lettuces in the polytunnel. They now sport a sort of cerrated edge which is not unbecoming but it looks different and definitely eaten. If its not something like slugs its other creatures. I spotted her in the polytunnel and gave her a bit of a fright....then she strolled as if nothing had happened and just sort of passed me by. Cheeky bird, is all I can say, they follow the chicken coop because of spilled corn and other bits and there is plenty of green stuff for them to eat, but instead....they have to enter the deli of the polytunnel. Wrong season but otherwise I could plan on killing a pheasant in the autumn season.

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