Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Working out your travel allowance is good, having said I was going to have 1 tank of fuel this month. Its the 10th and I am half way through which is not that promising. I am thinking about transport and how we use it, I am reducing my need to use it and I still feel that 1 tank is a realistic target.
Just to prove a point I met 2 women today who have joined a gym, its costing them:

membership £30.00 per month
travel to town £ 27.00 per month ( thats just fuel based on 3 trips)
Refreshments £ 40.00 per month they meet for lunch after the gym

The aim of one of the women is to look better on the beach this summer. At £ 97.00 per month that is quite a price to pay to look good, and uses some planet's resources. I wonder what they will be doing :
Usual expectation would be rowing. stairwalking, lifting weights, stretching. Oh and they do get a personal trainer as well as working out while they watch big screens and listen to music.

Alternatives could be:

Daily walk to the local shop. ( 2 mile round trip)
carrying shopping home ( in backpack or 2 bags whilst flexing muscle)
Cleaning a couple of floors
Digging the garden.
Cycling about 3 miles on a regular basis.
Dancing for joy to some upbeat music.
Having friends around for a potluck dinner.
Listen to some lovely relaxing music and watch nature through the window or walk in nature every day.
Cost --------very little.
Cost to the planet ----very little

That could save the planet transport costs, it would bring the community together, it would make them fitter and they would benefit from fresh air.

The only thing thats missing is the personal trainer.....I suggest a pair of scales and a weigh in each day, that should do it as would a friendly pat on the shoulder saying, well done.

Am I missing the point here?

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