Thursday, May 11, 2006


A simple life, where we effortlessly go forward, focussed in the moment, the here and now, at a pace of life that suits our individuality.

Is there time in our lives to find out what that pace is? Do we respond to change of pace in life? What suits us when we are young and vibrant with energy may be different when we are more mature? How does society respond to that? How do we respond to that?

Here and now, a positive moment to be enjoyed, usually we have everything we need in this moment. Open your eyes and see the sun, the green fields, the smile, the laughter, the warmth and compassion of human beings, the fun that surrounds us, the air we breathe, the tears..........remember how good it is to be alive.....

Can we soar high and fly, drifting on an air current, swimming like a dolphin following the current in the ocean, or do we need to paddle and struggle...... I know which image I would like to aspire to.

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