Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I have been away for a few days. I would not call it a retreat but a place of quiet and rest which has been very interesting. In the past I would have been far too busy to veen contemplate going away and giving myself time away for reflection but it has been a useful thing to do.
I am sure that our spiritual development gets neglected in a fast moving world. No Tv , radio or newspaper went through my hands, no internet available just a simple furnished room, plentiful nourishing food, good company and time to rest. The gardens were magnificent and there was time to walk around, engage in conversation, fellowship and prayer, all things I would probably have shied away from saying' there simply is no time'.
The nearest we got to that in the past was going on holiday but instead of relaxing, there was a lot of stress in getting ready, making the most of our holiday and actually not appreciating the time we have together, the places we visited and what I call home as my sanctuary.
What was excellent was the fact that I have realised that I spend a lot of the time on the internet, which could be reduced somewhat and that there is time to engage into fellowship and relatiionships with the people around me. I wonder whether I used the internet as a ' fix' to meet with invisible people? Maybe you too can ponder on that question.
I am reading the Circle of Simplicity by Cecile Andrews which is an very thoughful and reflective piece of reading.
Coming home I was surrounded by the usual family hustle and bustle and today I am spending time in the garden to admire what has visibly grown during my absence and to tend to the plants that need some attention.
Gracious living....I feel thats a new concept to explore.


Seattle Simplicity said...

"Gracious living." I love that phrase!

SockknittingMama said...

It has a lovely sound to it, it speaks to me of wisdom, simplicity and grace, a sort of effortless gliding through life instead of struggling with time, environment and stress. Gliding like a ballet dancer or swan through life.
I wish more people could experience gracious living. See it in a bird swooping and gliding on an air current, see it in dolphins and whales in the sea, watch the rainfall or dew drops on the leaves.Catch the rainbow.