Friday, June 02, 2006


Its lovely out here in the garden, my plants are bathing in the sun and so am I in moderation. The seedlings are continuing to grow and this morning, we had our granola with a sprinkling of strawberries from the polytunnel. The harvest is beginning to show, yesterday was my DH's birthday and we had some fresh potatoes, peas and some salad form the garden. I really love the idea fresh from fork to plate, gathering what is in the garden, cooking it and enjoying a burst of freshness and taste.
Today the boys spent some more time in the little pool they bought, a bit of sunbathing and working on the craft room. Its a new idea, more time, means we can do more arts and crafts and so we are dedicating a space to this. Its all taking shape and I feel as if I am beginning to live the downshifting life.
I also now receive the Countryside magazine which although from the USA is geared towards the homesteaders life style and the articles are pertinent to this way of life.
I remember the cold days in winter and relish the warm ones of summer. I am continuing to tidy up cupboards to make space for some of the canning I hope to do this year with whatever I can harvest from the garden and local farms.

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