Monday, June 26, 2006


They seemed to as long awaited rain has fallen all night. On a small garden visit yesterday, my evening walk to catch the smells of honeysuckle and roses that pervades the air, I noticed 2 toads, venturing out.....a few minutes later it began to rain. I wonder whether its their idea of sunbathing...they must find it really hard when the sun shines constantly and there is not enough moisture in the air.
Today, the slugs are rejoicing as they can again slide easily over the paths instead of having to stay wherever they are due to dry conditions.
Both of course need each other. Slugs are toads food and I am quite happy to have them in my garden, shows signs of good organic wildlife that supports our soil.
Whatever they do, I like to watch them and notice. I am happy to share in the wonder.

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