Monday, June 05, 2006

At work

There seems a million and 1 things to do in the garden at the moment, so there seems little time to post. I want to keep up with the garden at the moment as my meals depend on it. Still salad galore which is great, some new potatoes fresh to eat, strawberries at breakfast time and plenty of eggs. Next should be green beans to add a little variety and then I will be able to have nicoise salad:

bed of lettuce leaves
some tomatoes
hard boiled eggs
steamed green beans
cold cooked potatoes
1 tin of tuna
pour over vinaigrette sauce ( oil and vinegar)

enjoy with a chunk of home made bread.

Something to look forward to for a nice summer lunch in the garden.
I also spotted the roses are coming in bloom, white, red, pink and apricot. Its looking very pleasing.......when you get time to sit still.

The weeds are doing great to and thats where I am off to, to weed, hoe and find me some weeds to pull.

It may be a simple life, but it is hard work. Very satisfying though....

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