Friday, June 30, 2006


This year, there seems to be more time to sit in the garden and let the world go by. having talked about weather prediction I found a small book in the library and this is what it says about this time of the year.....

Calm weather in June, sets the corn in tune.

A dry May and dripping June, brings everything in tune.

July and August are some of the wettest months of the year in the UK ( thats interesting because I always looked at them as being hot and sunny!).

There was very little to say about the months probably because people were too busy harvesting.

However watch the following dates:

St Mary's Day on the 2nd July
It is said that if it rains on this day it will rain for a month.

St Swithins Day on the 15th July
Oh St Swithins Day, if thou'll be fair
For forty days shall rain nae mair
but if St Swithin's thou be wet
For forty days it raineth yet.

Just shows that my usual expectation of a warm and sunny summer are an illusion here. However, it will all be good for the garden and the harvest.

A nice suprise this year is that my purple sprouting broccoli which I planted in May is now in flower which usually does not happen. A surprise harvest, unusual for this season but then very welcome alternative to lettuce.

I have invested in a 5 year diary which will enable me to check how things compare year by year.

I am strawberry picking later today, some for freezing so we can use them in smoothies and winter fruit salads and some for jam making. I am very fond of strawberries in season.

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