Wednesday, June 07, 2006


How can you make your laundry load lighter......and save on washing powder, water and electricity.....

  • Reduce the amount that needs washing.
  • Wear your clothes more often ( i.e. if it is not visibly dirty, smells put it away)
  • When tidying bedrooms, tell the kids not to just dump the clothes in the basket if they could be refolded and put away.
  • Kids have showers and sleep in clean bedclothes so new pyamas are not needed every day.
  • Give each person in the household a dedicated towel and keep a spare one, wash when necessary.
  • have less clothes in the wardrobe, less choice means less washing.
  • When you come home having worn your jacket or dress once, dont automatically put it in the washer, check that it is dirty......and if not....put away.

That should save on a lot of washing in the house......instead of 3 load per day we are down to 2 and am still working on reducing that too.


Katie said...

It's amazing to me how often we as a society wash our clothes and how much we have. I agree it's silly to wash clothes until they really are soiled...

I think its incredibly important to have good clothes for work, church, etc. and chore clothes for gardening, cleaning, etc. It's amazing how much longer clothes last when we don't garden in our business clothing.

squire said...

Living in a motorhome (limited space) and going to the laundry makes for wise choices when it comes to washing clothes. Thanks for the tips.