Saturday, July 01, 2006


How do I know that.....I am looking at what is happening in the garden. the sprouting broccoli is sprouting far too early meaning they are stressed and want to get the flowering over and done with...they are 2 months early. Secondly, the chickens are not laying very much and I guess if they think it is too hot to lay an egg who can blame them. I wonder how they know though and what goes through a chicken's mind thinking....nah it will be far too hot need to keep that egg production down, if a chick should hatch in 21 days, there will be too much heat. We shall see, the rest of the gardedn is quietly hotting up and zucchine are sprouting out as well as cucumbers and tomatoes, lovely and green and ready in a few weeks I guess. It has been a hot and sticky day, not something I relish but is every one ever happy with the weather?
Tomorrow my DS 3 is maypole dancing. Country dancing with some school friends. Its a dying art which our countryside here likes to revive from time to time. I love the music, I love the energy and the history behind these pagan rituals that are incorporated in country practices.

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