Sunday, July 30, 2006

Vegetable shortages due to heatwave

The article showing that there will be vegetable shortages of peas, beans and broccoli are no surprise, but I would argue that there probably is a harvest but not to the standard expected by the supermarket giants. I guess, the price of peas will rise, the price of fuel costs will rise and thereby the price of food will rise. Yes, I too have shortages and plants that did not grow well, but not having all my plants in the same baskets means that there should be sufficient to be getting on with. I may grow more peas next year but they take up a lot of space in my garden and the produce is not that great, i.e. I need a lot of it to feed 5 people.
I am concerned that there were power shortages in London due to the heat and people using their air conditioning and if the trends continue, fuel will be a luxury. The less we are addicted to electricity, fuel and others for our supplies, the more chance we have to live within our means. The old addage ‘ everything in moderation’ seems to come to mind.
Ok, Noah was laughed at when he built his ark, mainly because he did not live near the sea......maybe starting a garden, even if it is in pots of those vegetables you feel are a necessity in your life, might make the crunch more bearable when costs go up.

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