Monday, July 03, 2006


The chickens and plants obviously knew their stuff-----the temperature has been 30 plus which is unusual in my timezone and hence the plants and animals have suffered some distress about it. I also did not know that chickens do not drink hot water, it has to be cold which means that we need to change the water twice per day. Thanks to the waterbutts, we have sufficient water to water the plants. There are signs that gardeners around my area are going to experiment with moving plants one zone up, in a speculation that the climate is indeed warming up and I am considering planting some fruit trees on my southfacing wall that might otherwise not flourish. I might plant an apricot and nectarine to add to the variety already in place. As the temperature is also hot enough I might consider growing some tomatoes outside but in pots so they can be moved about a bit.

A garden diary will certainly help to monitor what is happening and I have a feeling that what is shifting. Some people are considering olive trees. If the climate here really is shifting then planting trees around the house might provide some welcome shade in years to come. The house we live in is made of stone and has one place in the lounge that stays cool whatever the season. Good in summer but requires some warming log fire in the winter. Water preservation and irrigation systems should also be worth considering.

So far we have installed two 200 litres water buts which fill up quite easily so we have installed an overflow system as well. There are 2 more places in which we could put water tanks and this will be the next step, funds permitting.

I wonder, whether you, reader have really considered the place you live in, what its assets are and what you can do to improve naturally what is around you?

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