Wednesday, July 26, 2006


As any child doing science knows, data get collected to prove a theory and to keep track of methods used to produce the end result. I have been keeping a garden diary for a while and decided today that what I also need to catalogue is the amount of produce my garden provides and what I actually do with it. Path to Freedom can produce 6 tons of food from their 1/10th acre holding and I just wondered how much potential there is in my garden. Its going to take some time to gather all this info. I bought a 5 year diary which will allow me to compare what is happening year to year.
The categories on entries are:

Eggs sometimes get exchanged like yesterday a dozen eggs got exchanged for 1lb raspberries. I am slowly gathering in what grows and seeing what we store. The menu is changing slightly to reflect what is available in the garden.

Today I meditated while picking beans. They are only visible when you slow down and concentrate very carefully on distinguishing the beans from the leaves.

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