Wednesday, July 12, 2006


How to get a glass vase clear and clean?
I received a lovely glass vase yesterday, which was a bit grubby, granted and so I thought I would have a go at making it clean and beautiful again. I started washing it with dishwashing liquid, which did not do much to shift the grubby scum at the bottom. Then I filled the vase with a layer of salt and vinegar to create an old fashioned acid base.....still not quite the desired result.
As a last resort I thought I would have a look at the dishwasing tablet here's what you do, as this really worked!

  • Fill vase with very warm water
  • Drop dishwashing tablet into the vase
  • Stir and rest
  • stir and wash with bottle brush

The result is a sparkling vase........OK the cost of the dishwashing tablet may be high considering but I have a lovely fresh looking vase.

On a different matter, clarity is what is missing with my digital camera at the moment...the batteries go way fast even the ones that I am recharging.....I may revisit the clarity vase subject again when I have a go at some more glass vases.

Oh the reason I wanted a clear vase in the first place was to display one of the great bloodred sunflowers that grow in the garden. Pix as soon as the camera's fixed...promise.

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