Thursday, July 27, 2006


I feel like a magician at times, seeing what the creams and products are that I have been buying over the last few years. I am horrified to look at the chemical ingredients we pile on our skin, on our clothes, in the environment and am looking at what changes I can make there. One of the easiest ones was the dishwashing powder. It is quite pricey in the shops and if you figure that most of it is lemon,bicarb of soda and salt, they must be making a packet ( pun intended). If I could find an alternative that is not boxed in a cardboard box and individually packaged then I would be saving all that packaging and probably also some money.

The recipe for dishwashing powder I found here was very easy to execute and I used the same oils that I had used for the citrus handcream. I found the borax a bit difficult to get hold of but it is available in the Uk via Baldwins. It is in a small container, first test batch and the results were lovely. The smell of citrus positively floating in the atmosphere. Decanting it with a spoon is a little hazardous so I am saving a plastic bottle from the washing powder and will be using that as it has a spout for easy pouring. I find it very satisfying to make these little changes. Nothing hard about that part of downshifting.

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