Monday, July 03, 2006

the 15 min renegotiating challenge

Having heard a post on moneyblogger podcast about the possibility of renegotiating your contract with providers and opportunity arose today. An advert leaflet came with the post ( mots post is opened next to the recycling bin as most of it goes in), stating that a discount of 6 months could be available if you took out this service on cable TV. We still have cable TV with that provider and fuelled by the ridiculous notion that maybe I should give that a go, I dialled the number and waited patiently to go through all available options until a mere mortal answered my call.

I have this leaflet that offers a discount, is it available to me?
No afraid not, its for new customers only?
Oh and what do you offer existing customers?
Not sure, can I take your details?

Long pause....... ( do not be tempted to sound eager...silence is nerve racking to customer services representatives...means you are actually thinking.)

Well, we could offer you a discount ofr 30% on your current package for 3 months. Is that OK?
OK, that sounds fine?

So that was not that hard after all and it has saved me about 1 months subscription. Note to of October is now in the diary to give it another go when the date gets around. Now what else could I negotiate on that is paid out automatically?

I do think you may need to do some homework to have alternative answers available, such as what competitors are offering to give them the idea that if they do not offer you anything, you have a choice to go elsewhere...which of course you do as the customer is king! Go girl, go get that discount, just think about how many hours you have to work if you don't have a go at the 15 mins phone call challenge.

To me, at minimum wage ( just in case), the saving equates to 3 hours of work each month for 3 months, so that was not bad for 15 mins. Now if of course you earn mega bucks then the phonecall and the saving might not be worth your while but then I guess you are not really interested in this blog either. Shame......

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