Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Deep in the magic bean forest, overlooked for many days, a cucumber grew quietly benefiting from the heatwave. Today, while it as a little cooler, I walked in to find a 3lb cucumber hanging in between the greenery. I harvest every day and despite looking very carefully I miss quite a bit really, a marrow as well. Todays harvest is
1lb green beans
1 marrow
4lbs cucumber
5 onions
3 apples
1 lb courgettes

So we will be having courgette soup for lunch with crusty bread, tonights salad is salade nicoise with fresh tomatoes, home produced eggs, some green beans and salad, what is not from the garden will be the tuna and dressing. That feels so great to do. To drink will be a vegetable juice from cucumber, lime and carrot which promises to be very refreshing. All I need to get on with is the fresh bread rolls.

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Katie said...

What time is dinner? Sounds delish!