Sunday, August 27, 2006

The DAILY LOAF - whats in yours?

To tell the truth, we used to eat pappy bread. That is until one day, I packed it on my bicycle with an elastic to keep it tight and found out that most of it was air and chalk. Not good. It has however taken a few years to change the daily habit of pappy bread to a nice crisp french loaf which is still being made in the breadmachine as well as granary, wholemeal and brown bread which are made by hand as well. Its a transition and I have gone through the brick stage as well, the loaf with holes in the middle, the collapsed one as I left it to rise too high etc etc, but never a dull moment with the production of the daily loaf. It needs very little actually, flour, yeast, water but even breadmachines need to have sugar and salt and yeast to make it happen within the small space and timelimits imposed and exact temperatures. Its scary to read what is finding its way in your daily loaf these days in order to keep it looking fresh, tasty and well....artificial. Read more here and please have a go at making bread, it does not take that long, the time is in the rising and waiting around and I do not have the time. Even if you make a loaf at the weekend when you do have time, you will learn a valuable skill and it may even exercise the muscles you have overused typing away or clenching the steering wheel whilst commuting. Bread.....hmmm...its not only the taste for me but the heavenly smell that permeates the house and the sound of boys who tuck into a doorstop sandwich.( actually its probably one of the times they are quiet and peaceful as chewing takes their attention away)

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