Friday, August 11, 2006

Fishy Business

My oldest boy and his friend went mackerell fishing yesterday and brought home a dozen as victorious hunter gatherers. Hmm....what to do with them now?
I have a good library and had seen someone gutting and filleting a fish so the only thing was to get real and do it myself. Its true, you need sharp knives, plenty of newspaper, then keep the cats at bay, boys out of the kitchen and then get on with the gruesome business. It is not as pleasant as canning I have to say, but dinner is sorted anyhow and it will be lovely for the boys to eat what they caught for supper. That experience is not for sale in the supermarket. Ok it was messy, I was clumsy with it, but I am sure the end result could not be fresher. I am enjoying this after all...thats what I keep telling myself.

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