Sunday, August 20, 2006

Working hard for your supper

The work ethic is continuing in the house. Dh is painting a bedroom with the assistance of 2 boys. One was asked to put masking tape around the plugs and they all went off, got changed into ‘ work clothes’. The day was a busy one. DS 1, in charge of all techno things, updated and swapped technology and they continued negotations on what was necessary. In the meantime, I picked some tomatoes and brought some eggs to a neighbour. I returned with a box of apples and some freshly picked sweetcorn. The secret of sweetcorn is that the sugar turns to starch the older they are so they were on the menu at lunchtime. I made 6 quarts of apple sauce, then boiled up the sweetcorn and we sat down all together enjoying a hearty lunch and counting our blessings.
The boys really worked hard all day in the house, painting, sorting and playing with trains in the lounge. In the evening, I picked some salad leaves and we had a stone baked pizza with salad followed by a plum tart with yoghurt. It all felt like a hard days work but very satisfying.

On a garden note, I am planning the salad leaves for the autumn and winter, merveilles des quartre saisons, rocket and mizuna.

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