Friday, August 25, 2006

Organizing your bedlinen

Still decluttering, this time we focussed on the bedlinen in our house. Needless to say we have enough to run a hotel. How much do you really need? This simple formula will make laundry day and changing sheets a lot easier.
Spare bedsets to be kept in each bedroom. When washed store the whole dry set in one of the pillowcases and store. When you need a sheet, duvet cover and pillows, it will all be to hand. Makes it handy when kids throw up in the night, just dig deep in the drawer and voila your next set is ready and lined up. ( If you are like me, you are not at your best at 3 am to try and find a set of bedcovers).

For adult bed, one set on and one in the wash.
For children above 8 years old - same as adults
Children 3 to 8 need 3 sets each.
babies and toddlers need 4 sets each plus waterproof covering for mattresses.

This left us with 5 sets with no home, well we freecycled them and some will be used as backing for quilts when I get around to making that.

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