Saturday, August 26, 2006

planning a journey

One of our cars has a flat tyre again. ( yep we still have 2 we are trying to reduce the impact of chucking one of the scrapheap). We make a choice on length of journey, fuel consumption and nature of the journey to choose a vehicle. Both are over 4 years old now, one is a petrol engine estate care ( good for trips involving carriage of items) and we travel 5 people in a small medium family car which is more fuel effective but has no space for luggage. This week we will be trying to manage with just one car and adapt accordingly.
The cost of the cars is limited to running costs as we do not have any loans on the cars. But as fuel prices increase we are looking at alternatives. The budget limitation on fuel is tight and as prices increase we have to make different choices.

Some of the things we have changed so far :
limit shopping journeys from once weekly to a once a month home delivery and online order.
making a list of items that we need and plan shopping around other essential journeys.
Use our local food producers and growing our won food ( no food miles).
using the best mode of transport based on economy, amounts of people/ luggage, distance.
Check out alternatives.
Give up on flying to far away destinations.

2 of our family members are limited in mobility which makes long walks difficult.
One excellent resource online is the travel planner which allows you to make a comparison on cost, time and best route to take. Now with 5 people going by car is often the cheapest and quickest route to take but it is worth looking at other alternatives just so you know why you are choosing to take the care, bus, train etc.

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