Monday, January 22, 2007

Turning the corner

The little bug is working its way through the house, only one little man to go and we will all have had the experience in one way or another.
Gradually I have worked through my emergency supplies. It pays to be prepared for moments when you just cannot go to the shops because of weather, financial reasons, illness or whatever emergency presents itself.
The red cross have some good information on being prepared for an emergency and articles on how to prepare resources in case of emergency.
In this part of the world, the emergency we encounter is not likely to last longer than 2 weeks and it is comforting to know that when the moment comes or has arrived that we can take some of the anxiety and worries away by being prepared.
Canned supplies and supplies in the freezer have been very good to fall back upon in this household. I like lists and having experienced some chaos and gaps over the last 2 weeks, one of the things I want to ensure is that a plan is in place for the next time. We have had powercuts, storms and ilness over the last 2 weeks and to me it has acted as a small wake up call.
Dried foods such as rice, pasta and canned sauces to go with them have all been of good use. The one main thing that many people forget is the water supply which should be first on the list. We have saved water in the tubs outside but that water would need to be sterilised before we were able to drink it in an emergency so some supplies that are ready would be better.
When health returns in abundance in this household I will replenish the supplies.
Ofcourse if you have a garden, some canned goods and dried food supplies in the house you are halfway there.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to read that you are all toward finally being on the mend. Thank you for the good reminders about being ready for an emergency. Parts of the mid USA have been hard hit by winter with lots of folks out of power for extended periods. We've been seeing on the news about the high winds and the cargo ship run aground on "your side of the pond." Hope all is well there for you and yours. Barbara in Georgia, USA