Thursday, January 25, 2007


Over the last few weeks I have settled down to do what comes effortlessly. Having been poorly and with a household in the same way needing a bit of TLC has left very little time for my craft activities. It is still very cold out there and I am sitting contentedly with my spinningwheel, whurring away working at Rollo's blanket. The photo shows about 6 oz of spun fibre in a colour that is between cream and butterscoth streaks. Its is very soft and will be very warm. These are pilot skeins as I am seeing how I work with this fibre. All is well only a small allergic reaction that makes breathing a bit laborious so maybe will need to stick to wool in the future. We shall see, maybe spinning in the open air may alleviate some of the discomfort.

The sun is shining today with a cracking blue sky. Very cold and I am looking forward to looking at the stars tonight. No light pollution in the country does enable us to look regularly up and see whether we can make out what star is wish.

At times when the simplicity of life is simply effortless I feel blessed that I have the time, the resources and the energy to enjoy all that surrounds me.


justjude said...

Just had to say how much I enjoy reading your everday accounts of a down-shifting life. (I found your blog when looking for a way of adding 'Man in seat 61' to my Google page and have discovered Flylady through your links!)
Your humour and perspective on life is heart-warming. Thank you

SockknittingMama said...

Lovely comment thank you. Downshifting your life is not all doom and gloom it can be a lot of fun too

turnip said...

i enjoyed reading that. I have also "downshifted" to less stuff, less distractions and it has done wonders for my sanity. Those simple moments where you truly feel like you have enough are priceless.
I am enjoying a quiet afternoon, listening to my wind chimes blow their music with a hot cup of coffee...who needs a plasma screen TV?

willow said...

A lovely post. You sound full of calm and contentment finding enjoyment in daily life.
The spinning looks great too.