Thursday, January 18, 2007

Get well comments

Thank you Katie and Marilyn for your get well wishes.
Another storm last night, some powercuts and boys that are wondering when Mum is going to be back to normal. DH has been talking about the difference between Man flu and woman flu......won't go into that apart from to say that silence often is better than speech especially when you have no voice to speak with. I trust nature.
Still drinking smoothies and juices to give my body the best chance to recover and it is all going well. I have observed though that when you reach rockbottom and think the end in nigh, it usually means you have turned a corner to recovery. The house looks like a war zone, visitors are barred and I have promised to put out a white flag when the coast is clear.
Questions from boys ' Why is there no bread in the box? What is for dinner tonight? Even better: " Mum is Dad really going to cook us a meal?" In their own little way they are saying they miss me. Nurse Dh is not bad, has not quite got the difference between tea and herbal tea not having milk in it, but hey, he is bringing me tea in bed which is much appreciated. Occassionally he lies down next to me, wipes his brow and says : I am bearing up, how are you doing? I smile, he smiles and we look lovingly at the mess that surrounds us in the house. Its great to feel loved.
DH thinks I am getting better.....when you start complaining I know you'r fighting it and getting better.

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