Saturday, January 06, 2007

The kindness of strangers

Words to Live by: Kindness

Kindness number 1
It will be my DS's birthday soon and he would dearly like a cricket bat. His current one has been reglued 3 times and he is out practising in all weathers using buckets and stones as wickets and enticing anyone able to throw him a ball so he can practice his stroke.
This is a story about the kindness of friend called me to say that she was in a shop in town and that she was looking at getting him a cricket bat...not only that but he will end up with a set that includes all a cricket player may need which I know will make his heart sing and he will be absolutely thrilled. A few minutes later my DH phones me from the call box asking me to ring him back. I usually expect bad news however he started by telling me that he was in a shop in town and had seen a cricket set that would be perfect for our son but that he had forgotten his wallet and was unsure what to do. He was also due to do some grocery shopping on the same trip and I asked how he was going to do that.
I have already done that he said.
How did you pay for it then?
Well when I got to the checkout and told the lady that I did not have my wallet she said she would not accept my cheque without card. I felt embarrassed and quite sure that I would be leaving without shopping. A young man behind me in the queue told me that he would be willing to pay for my shopping if I wrote him a cheque. I asked him whether he was sure and
he said yes, I am sure, I am happy to do this for you.
My DH was taken aback a bit, wrote the cheque, packed the goods and thanked the man. He had not even asked for our address in case the cheque would bounce...which it will not of course. When my DH arrived at the car the man suddenly appeared and said :
Here, you left a bag behind so I thought I would bring it out to you to the car.

There may be questions as to whether angels do appear in real life but the kindness of this stranger and my friend has been much appreciated. Whoever you are, thank you.

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