Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Time rich

The power has been off for 24 hours due t0 work being carried out on trees nearby. Our power is provided by powerlines that connect to the houses around ( we are pretty rural) and the trees in the storm had damaged some cables. the cables did not get replaced, just the trees trimmed. The whole day, the power saw whirred in the background, and 3 men reduced tree branches to mulch. It made me sad. Somehow it made sense but in a backward way.
After the power cut there were issues with the internet connection but that is pretty normal. I reflected on how less attached and calm I can now be about not having an internet connection for a while. Not so easy for younger people who rather depend on the internet and the gateway to information.
I got engrossed in a book 'This book will save your life' which is a fantastic read, just the thing if you need a reality check.

My wake up call came with news of multiple losses for one of my DH's Aunt who is in her seventies and not doing well at the moment which is entirely understandable; within 3 weeks she has lost her partner, her dog, her home, health and is said to be quite confused. I feel compassion in the face of such loss and when they talk about doing a hip replacement to an old lady with a chest infection who has had a fall, I just do not see how she will overcome all the losses in this short time. I am in awe of the courage required in this moment and what decision her soul will make to keep her safe.

I prepare myself to go and visit a confused, unrecognisable older woman in pain and yet reflect on the fact that within that picture is a woman who's life has a story and whose time on this earth has impacted on many in a positive way.

Time rich or money rich, what would be the best choice. How long is the perfect time to be alive in this world? Now is the only time we can feel fully alive, fully appreciate all that surrounds us. In the face of adversity in this moment for one person, the rest of the world carries on as always, it seems insignificant and yet at the same time it makes me realise that if I feel that in this moment I want to go out and walk under the stars, that is exactly what I need to do.

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turnip said...

I am so sorry for your Aunt...glad to see someone who does take the time to reflect on these things though.
I am amazed at how much time we tend to waste...either in the pursuit if frivolous things or just in plain worry...i am guilty of both of these! Sometimes it takes things like your Aunt's situation to put things into persepective...we can choose how we spend some of our time, and we should choose wisely!