Friday, December 01, 2006

Holiday options

So, how are we going to deal with the Christmas card scenario this year?
Usually I sit down at the table and wade through an awful lot of letter writing and card writing at this time of the year and I also get a lot of cards sent to me. I believe it keeps the postie on his toes, and costs a lot on stamps and trees. What could we do different :

❑ family and friends that are nearby could use a phonecall and chat
❑ email cards to those on email
❑ make a date to visit those you have not seen for over a year
❑ send a calendar with the date you would like them to visit
❑ learn some songs and go carol singing....

That should have reduced the list down, now you could make your own cards by printing photos on plain paper and sending that off.
If you are still buying cards, buy them so proceeds go to a charity of your choice or make your own, a simple tree will do. Be creative.....
When the cards arrive this year, and they will,display them. After the holiday season I cut mine up into gift tags for the next holiday season and gift some to the many collection points that are around so they can be recycled.

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Anonymous said...

Great ideas! In recent year's I've cut back the card list drastically and it seems to work out well. I only send cards to folks I keep in touch with all year - not just at Christmas. This year we're using cards that my father-in-law had stashed but never used. Some are quite vintage and rather funky - I think it'll be a great treat.