Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Your Money or your Life

Following on from Nik’s comment ( thanks Nik) I am sharing a book review I wrote in my journal about the exact book mentioned.

Your Money or your Life by Joe Dominguez

Having been a Financial Adviser I thought I had a good idea but this book really is an eye opener for people who wish to compare the amount of money coming in and how to manage money going out.
It is simple to read and offers 9 steps to Financial Independence ( when your income = outgoings from savings ( i.e. other sources than paid employment). It challenged my values about money and the world I had built surrounding it. Following the steps I have clearly identified areas in my life on which I spend money and which are not aligned with my current thinking and do not provide fulfillment.

This is definitely a book I would recommend if you are trying to simplify your life, if you are facing a major life change and want to conquer the money thing.

Another book I like is the Lilypad List by Marina Van Eyck

I really loved reading this book, in fact I had difficulty putting it down. It tells the story of frogs and how they live in their pond, how to achieve a picture in our mind of what a simple life would mean to us.

The checklist is:
Everything is perfect
Time out is essential
Sensory awareness is the key to delight
We can trust the process
We are all cells of the Living Earth
We all make a difference
There is only the now moment

Whatever you do to simplify your life and balance it out, you will be making a difference to the resources you consume and therefore to the earth and the community around you.

This book is about the wisdom of one person who has tried many ways of simplifying her life and if that is what draws you to read on. It is not a practical guide on how to achieve it but a proces to allow reflection of what simplifying your life means to you, what values it elicits and concludes with a list of resources. You can read more about the lilypad list on the website.

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