Sunday, December 10, 2006

A box of dates

Did you think it was going to be about the dried fruit variety, that could be an answer of course.

After the holiday season I usually lose some energy because daylight is less and I miss the sun terribly. Usually, there is less to do in the garden and I am feeling a bit low.

Her is the antidate ( pun intended!)

Imagine receiving a little box full of diary dates with surprises on it such as :

winter picnic in the woods, wellies required.
walk on the beach
theatre outing
back massage
1 hour free time so you can have that bath with candlelight
Candle lit dinner
Pedicure - sit back and relax
Your evening to control what we watch on the TV ( if you do)
Home-movie night in, popcorn, beer
Musical evening where you get entertained
Games night in
a chore your partner hates doing
A clean car, no ironing
Visit to a museum
Trip to the library

The secret is to plan the dates in the diary and to make sure that your partner or loved one can look forward to them and to be adventurous.

It costs very little, just your time, effort and sense of fun. Go for it!

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Siani said...

Our family does the same, only we put them in felt advent pockets. Like a calender but nice things to do instead of chocolate