Friday, December 08, 2006

Green is hip

I am blessed with super friends. Its a special day for me soon and my friend turned up tonight with a bunch of flowers. I love purple and the flowers and paper are purple and vibrant green. It felt really special even more because actually it will not be my special day until after the weekend. I love the beauty of flowers, they bring a touch of nature in the house and bring hope of the future ( to me anyway). I grow vegetables but because I like flowers so much. I grow a bed of cut and come again flowers from sweetpeas to sunflowers and a lot in between. This is not really a season for flowers in the garden but it is a completely compostable present in a few weeks time. It does not clutter the house, it has scent and..well I am chuffed that my friend has thought this through. The were bought locally as well.

The other news is that politicians are running away with the green message. The chancellor in the Uk is going to up the taxes on flights and fuel which no doubt will make some people think twice about holidays and others again will just pay. I agree that if you want to use more than the next person it will come with a pricetag. It feels a responsible way to act.

The second thing is that they are trying to change planning laws which will enable householders to install solarpanels and windpower with less bureaucracy attached to it which has to be good news too.

There is also a move to make new houses zero carbon which will be a good step in the right direction.

And then there has been more freak weather in the Uk. Yesterday the sky got really dark and we had one flash of lightning and a huge bang of thunder followed by lashings of rainwater. Our little paddock area needs a boat at the moment and the poor chickens are wading in mud. The tornado in London was unexpected and trees have been falling quickly. These are not usual weather patterns in the UK, thunderstorms in November are not usual.

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