Monday, December 04, 2006


If you are about to go out and add to your credit cards ( which ofcourse you are not are you?), have a look at sort it website, it is by a political party in the UK but offers some useful tools to tackle debt and consumer spending. It has a useful monthly cash planner too.

An alternative to giving money as a present is to offer people a printable gift voucher. You can print your own off here. Some suggestions are as follows:
❑ 5 hours of cleaning, ironing
❑ cook someone a meal
❑ supply 6 eggs weekly for a month
❑ redeem against some plants in spring
❑ help for a declutter weekend
❑ 3 hours of painting
❑ digging your garden
❑ spring cleaning
❑ baby sitting
❑ window cleaning
❑ sewing, breadmaking, flower arranging lesson whatever your talent

One family in our village for instance is being offered a weekly cleaning service while her husband is off to Iraq on duty. This will relieve this Mum from some chores. Each week a new bunch of flowers will be added by another person. The biggest impact on others need not be made by money but by giving your time and showing you care.


nik said...

that sort it website is great! for anyone really interested in developing a deep understanding of the relationship between time and money, Your Money or Your Life is the book to read. it was published in the early 90s and i think has become something of a classic read/practice in terms of downshifting and radical simplicity. it requires assigning a value of "life energy spent" (in hours) to time spent working and to every category of purchase.

anyway...i'm midway through and it's kicking me in the butt (in a good, motivational kind of way). i'm also looking at having a buy-little-to-nothing holiday season, so your thoughts on time vouchers are helpful.

thanks! n

SockknittingMama said...

I have read that book as well Nik and it is s great starting point, should stop you spending money like water and if you want that TV and realise that you would need to spend 4 days doing a job you do not like it certainly kicks your perspective in place. Remember to pay yourself first.