Tuesday, December 12, 2006

December on the homestead

We are more indoors than outdoors at the moment. Some storm damage needs to be worked through. A big tree needs cutting up into logs and stored but as yet the paddock is still too wet to walk in so it will have to wait.
In the polytunnel the broad beans have been planted out in the raised bed, the pheasant has been in to eat the tops of my peas but garden greens and lettuces still stand proud. I water only twice per week but open the tunnel every day to allow some airflow.
On the bench the sweetpeas are poking through and some other flowering plants are holding their own. These will be planted out in the spring to provide some colour.
There is not much daylight at the moment and the chickens are slowing down too. It is a sure sign that humans should be slowing down too. I look at the larder and the amount of canned goods there are stored and feel grateful.
Time to relax, listen to some music and plan the next year’s garden.
I also have a harvest of fleece to spin in readyness for dying in the summer when the plants are in full bloom.
On the holiday front, the house is benefitting from a good deep clean, more decluttering takes place, the candles are coming out to give us some cheer. I like listening to music as well as the children play their instruments. There are choir practices to attend in the village. I am concentrating on the building of community at the moment.

The transport survey is going well......

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Anonymous said...

Hello -
What is a polytunnel?
I would love to see more pictures of your home/garden area. Really enjoyed the view shown in your 11/23 photo - that was our Thanksgiving day over here. It was a perfect day to see such beauty.
Barbara, Kennesaw, Georgia (USA)