Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Car poll update

Thanks to all of you who voted in the side bar. Before making a drastic decision about the car one person made a very sensible suggestion to put the car to grass for 3 months and see how I get on.
In order to effect change I usually keep a diary or journal in which I write my every move on a particular subject, such as a cash book if I wanted to see what the money is being spent on. I am doing this now with travel and transport questions, noting where I am going, can I go by taxi, bus etc and the actual cost and time. This will enable me in February to make a decision on how to go forward.
There will be challenges with regards to for instance getting supplies in...like food for the animals. We shall see how each challenge looks on a daily basis.
We can take soo much for granted.
On the homestead, we have had a tree blown down which means that we will be Ok for fire wood next year. Ash can be burnt any time and we will be replanting a tree in the spring to take its place. It will take about 15 years to get as big as the one that fell down.
The storms still rage and branches and debris clothe the soil. Walking in the countryside is an exhilarating experience at the moment and good at helping mental cobwebs disperse.
Advent heralds community activities and yesterday the old and young met for an evening of carol singing, mince pies and a glass of wine. Winter has to be around soon.

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