Sunday, December 03, 2006

Let music lift your spirits

An invite from one of our choir members plus an offered lift to a concert in town seemed a good antidote to the colder, wetter weather so I said yes. I am glad I did, not only did it take me back to a place where I had lived 16 years ago but the actual sound of an orchestra and 100 voices really did something to raise the vibration in the place.
I had forgotten that music had an important role to play in my life. The human voice was the instrument that carried our stories, our traditions and emotions in the past. Now you are lucky to find a person humming or singing along.
The power of music is fascinating and sometimes can communicate more intensely than words. A piece of music can take you on a journey somewhere, lift your awareness higher and fill a hall with some splendid community.
Not only classical works, but modern new composers fill our ears with a reflection of sounds that can inspire us, can fill us with awe. It does not always have to be a film to set your world alight, a good book could do the same as a piece of music. The world is filled with an immense amount of noise that may drown the individual voice, so people feel they can only communicate with limited means, technological ones. Watching TV gives the impression that you belong to a community and yet, you are alone watching it. No doubt it provides some sense of entertainment....yet I cannot help feeling that we have lost some element of partnership, team work and community at the same time.
Many performances are given by people offering their voices and instruments for the benefit of all of us, without monetary payment simply the thrill to be part of a group that meets every week and gets to perform in front of an appreciative crowd. Before music became available on tape, CD or even wireless, this was the only way to listen to an original work being performed.
I urge you to see if there is some music in your community and if you feel drawn to join a group, please add your voice to a heavenly choir or band. I assure you listening to it will lift your spirits and human vibration. You will hear some sounds that are different and meet people who take a pride in the instruments they play and practice daily for your enjoyment.
Make it a special outing.
I have added a few concert tickets to my holiday list as a must......if I invite some people for an evening out, not only will they participate in a unique evening but we will enjoy eachothers company. It may not be a physical present but the memory of it may last longer than a box of chocolates.

Think outside the box.....Give community and enjoyment this season of good cheer!

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