Thursday, November 30, 2006

He crows no more.....

It was a beautiful sunrise and it lifted my spirits enormously. there was a stormy atmosphere in the sky, branches swept all around and I hurried indoors to get on with some chores. When the wind died down, I noticed a change in the air, and a quiet that pervaded the garden.
Something was wrong and not as usual...the cats both came in although it was not raining and not looking happy at all. The leaves were blowing all around our quarry.
This afternoon I discovered that squeek, the cockerill died. Not that the chickens were that concerned about it, apart from one. That has to be the one that seemed to be designated to have looked after the old fellow by the others. Squeek was a gift and a 4 yr old Orpington which had silvery feathers. He did look a bit of colour in the last few days, but I thought it was just the colder weather, and come to think of it, he seemed a bit slower. He did a good job of keeping them in check when the chickens arrived some months ago.
In that way, maybe freedom had a price for him and the day that was so beautiful to start with has been spoilt in a way too. For cockerills it must have been a lovely day to die with such a fantastic sky to look up to.

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