Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dark days ahead

Energy check - did one again, my does the month fly by that fast and we are slightly up on average but I guess that is because the nights are drawing in and the lights are on more than before. The unit average is now 19.1 per day but again that is not bad for 5 of us.
We are settling into a different routine in the fall and winter. Less gardening and more focus on the inside of the house. Morning chores include cleaning the fire place and laying down the beginnings of the evening fire. Dh goes out and cuts some more logs to size ( which gives him some exercise) and the log baskets get filled to the brim. My main tasks for the day are baking bread, cleaning following my rota, decluttering. I got volunteered by my son to make some floor cushions for the school as apparently I am the only mother with a sewing machine ( really? does anyone else use these still?) It appears not many people even know how to sew on a button. Whilst decluttering I had found 10 yards of fabric with fish and starfish on it in blues, sand coloured and gold and that will certainly put a smile on the children’s faces when they have story time or discuss the next eco project.
This afternoon we made a glazed chocolate cake which we will enjoy tomorrow. At about 4 pm when it gets a little darker, the fire is lit, the candles are lit and we settle down to some reading, mending or sewing or whatever else we feel like doing. Last night was so cold upstairs the quilts and blankets came out. Layering is the key.....
I am reading ‘ Further along the road less travelled’ by Scott Peck. Some years ago, I was invited to take a pick of someone’s books, after she passed away and now that I have some more time, I am enjoying just picking one out and having a read.

A large to do list has arrived on my fridge door.....its an ongoing list of things I think need attending like a leak in the pipe of our cooking stove. Its week 2 with a bucket to catch the hot water, which then gets used to do the washing up, but getting it mended has to be on the list. Other jobs include hanging up pictures ( the walls got painted 3 months ago but gardening tasks were a priority). I have an image of Badger, Toad and Rat in Wind in the Willows and I am quite contented with my little home here in the country. Stay out of the dark woods......

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