Thursday, November 23, 2006

magic moments

A snapshot in time, when life simply overwhelms me, I walk ( very slowly) to the top of the hill near my home. The sun warms my face and when I lift my eyes up to the hills, this is the view that greets me. Its ever changing in its colours and its the same hills, Coleridge walked when he wrote his poems.......

Verse, a breeze'mid blossoms straying
where hope clung feeding, like a bee-
Both were mine! Life went a-maying
With nature, Hope and Poesy,
When I was young!

Excerpt of Youth and Age
Sometimes, nature can reunite us with that devine feeling of connectedness. My feet walk maybe centuries later, yet I breathe in the beauty of its place and connect with its energy.
Time out.........not only for naughty children.....time out is a valuable time to reflect and check which path you walk. I am trying to walk mine and when global warming news hits my mind, asks for action, I walk amongst these hills and drink in their beauty and their magic.
Have you got a magical place to go to?

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