Friday, November 03, 2006

Compulsive buys

A few posts ago I talked about my addiction to purchasing black trousers, having found a large amount of pairs in the closet. I know I have an addiction to buying yarn but that would be normal for knitters. I sent some of that stash to a friend who has moved away as a housewarming and wedding pressie and she phoned me today. As I said, relationships are more important to me than stuff. I managed to scan some more pictures today and found candles. 4 packets of long tapered candles. Upstairs in my stash cupboard, I found more candles. I have a total of 9 boxes. I do like them very much, especially the scented ones but again I have more than a year’s worth here which is a bit much. Good to have candles as they are part of the emergency provisions, but 9 boxes do not need adding to. Another of my buying addictions is vases. Its entirely laughable, but I have 15 vases of all sorts of sizes and materials, from glass to pottery, glazed and unglazed. Would be good if I was a florist but I probably need to sort them and just keep a 5 in a variety of sizes for the home grown flowers. I know I bought vases because they remain hidden in the closet under the stuff.
I have put a giant to do list on the fridge with tasks to do and one of them is to select vases and freecycle the others.

NOTE TO SELF- which has been placed in my purse.....
Do not buy:
black trousers

What is your compulsive buy?


Anonymous said...

I would like to buy more yarn but it is so expensive these days that I only buy when I have a project instead of buying to add to the stash,just in case. Vases do seem to accumulate dont they and black pants - well can we really have too many pairs - they do for every occasion really and could be saving us money as they become part of a kind of uniform. Maybe they save us time and money.

Anonymous said...

Fabric and glass jars. I have more then enough jars for canning, etc. but have a hard time passing them up.

Anonymous said...

Plants and Seeds.

I can't really say that I feel compelled tp buy anything else.

Girl Gone Gardening