Thursday, November 02, 2006

Digital scrapbooks

After a few warmer days, the first frost came yesterday which meant we lit our first woodstove fire in the evening. The planted naturtium, which had still been in bloom, dramatically dies off when the temperature plummets and thus provides me with a natural sign that the nights are getting too cold and plants that need sheltering need to come in.
With the same, attention starts to be focussed on the inside of the house. A new freecyle group has been set up locally which means that to recycle we will have less far to travel. I am still decluttering the colder evenings mean more time for reading I am making time to cull the bookshelves and donate the books to Oxfam or sell them on Amazon or Greenmetropolis. ( links in the sidebar).
One other project is to have a look at all the photos we have accumulated over the years, scan them and transfer them on disks. This will reduce space. I am hoping to create some digital albums for members of my family, a bit like a digital scrapbook. It will be available to them when they grow up as a reminder of their childhood. Works of art created by the children get photographed and stored in the same way. It is almost impossible to keep it all in the attic and would be a burden to go through later in life. This way, it can still be admired and be part of the digital memory box.

We had a lovely time watching home videos of family occasions and reflecting on the older family members that are no longer with us. Family videos can give a fascinating insight into daily life along the years, as we discovered in the House of Alleyn in Gent. Its a part of history and each family has its own history. I am trying to make it available to my childen in the future should they be interested.

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