Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ode to hairdressers

How hard can it be to cut hair? Hard I tell you. Yesterday we met some friends who are adept at using a barber tool to cut the hair of their children and having to drive a while to find a hairdresser who is open in our neighbourhood, I thought I would have a go. I thought about it.....sat the small boy down, had a small go at cutting his hair. He is not image conscious, thankfully, and he really loves his Mom. He has forgiven me. I did not have the heart to shave his locks, and I had no wish to traumatize him either but laughing aside, it could have been a traumatising moment in his life, the night, his mother thought she could cut hair. Just shows, there are things other people do better and should continue to do, and haircutting is one of those things. The second son refused and wanted just his fringe cutting ( he is less of a risk taker) although he wanted chocolate as pay off. The older one who actually asked to have his hair trimmed, sort of trusted me but as he is off to a party during the week I did not have the heart to make him look awful.
I am not afraid to have a go at new skills, but will need some practice at this one and maybe the drive to town and the barber seem the better option. It seems the boys agree. Only DH was willing to have his head shaven but on reflection....he has little to lose.
Pass that one by I think.

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