Friday, November 24, 2006

The man in seat 61

You may know that I travelled some weeks ago and took a train journey. It was pleasant enough as long as I left London, going to London was a bit tricky but I think I can improve that part for next time. ( May look at going by bus to London and staying with a friend) or taking the local bus to Heathrow and going from there.
Back to the man in seat 61. This is a fantastic site that will give you information and links on how to travel to almost anywhere in the world by avoiding planes.
The man in seat 61 is a career railway man with a passion for trains and a lot of knowledge to boot.
Travelling by train in the Uk is still going to be a hard thing to achieve, but you could try the boat and plan your journey differently. Its worth some planning. One of the things I enjoyed versus plains was being able to take my knitting, having a sensible luggage size ( as you have to carry everything) and actually being able to take in some of the local scenery. If you need luxury, try first class..........
If you still need persuading read on .......
If you need a calculation of how much your plane journey produces towards global warming you could have a stab at this calculator. Another good site is the travel calculator which will work out your emissions on work and leisure journeys during the year and offer you tips on how to reduce your impact.
My next long trip is scheduled in the spring next year but that leaves me plenty of time to plan an effective, smooth journey with least impact on the planet and my wallet. Sometimes we need to travel in a hurry and so if you have some time ...........

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