Wednesday, April 05, 2006


It has been a fantastic sunny day today and I have spent some of it outside and in the polytunnel. Things are definitely warming up. I am very good at the seedling stage and have not quite figured out what to do with them all. There will be surplus as last year. I have about 50 sprouting broccoli plants as where I probably will only be able to plant out about 18 of those. I belong to a LETS groups so will share them around. You never know what comes up and what does not. I am still working on a succession planting.
The potatoes are showing through and hopefully will be ready beginning of May
The peas have been transplanted and should be edible by June.
The strawberry plants are in bloom ( last years trial plants) and the new ones are settling in nicely.
about 45 tomatoe plants Tamina and Alicante variety are on the bench growing, french beans are popping through, parsley is still plenty and rocket and salad greens showing growth as well.
Some small munchkin pumpkins and courgette plants , sweet peppers are in the propegator.
Last years sprouting broccoli plants are coming in flower....they got ravished by caterpillars last year and although my DH said to take them out, they have managed to grow, not very tall but will still be giving us a crop.
Outdoor onions which I planted in autumn are showing through well.
Rhubarb plant is coming up slowly and the plum tree is budding.
We are still having hard frosts from time to time so hopefully the blossom of the plum tree will hold on until it has gone.
That is the variety of plants so far, I do not have the sucession thing worked out yet but I plan to sow saladings every 2 weeks to get a continuity in that as well as nasturtium flowers to make the salads colourful.

Done most of the sewing for early spring now and in a couple of weeks there will be more beans, salad things, courgettes and squashes to add. I love french beans and like to freeze them for the winter.

Its going to be colourful.

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