Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I am in wonder of the many colours that spring offers. The daffodils and other flowers are bright yellow and blue, then there is the magnificent magnolia which is pink, spreading its colour around and it feels as if God has taken the paintbrush out and has gone to town in bringing some colour and hope into the world. The birds are definitely mating and dancing in the branches and I feel hopeful and am enjoying the nature festival.
I am going to try and make nettle soup today with the young nettles that are growing up and try and find recipes that use purple sprouted broccoli. That is such a nice plant, you pick the florets and it grows some more. Then there is rhubarb. What many of these plants have in common is their ability to purify our digestive system, to cleanse us from the inside out and I am not sure why we had given up on those. Maybe we felt we could do without?
I would like to learn more about edible plants that we have given up on and that are there for the picking. I am never sure what we can eat and what we cannot and unfortunately I am not sure whether there is anyone around who can share that information with me. In time, I would like to be able to identify the plants that grow in my garden and find out their uses because I have some incling that they all have a use, some for good and some for bad I am sure, but there must be a reason why they are growing. How to go about discovering?

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Anonymous said...

Contact your nearest agricultural college - they should be able to direct you to a good source for information, propably even have it there for you.