Saturday, April 22, 2006


What have I been up to on day 1 of the week, been quite busy without leaving the house.
The jackdaws are nesting in our cliff and making a lot of noise. It must be springtime. The chickens are now laying every day and we collected 7 eggs today, there are plenty of seedlings to water and veg to pick. I even managed to pick some rhubarb for eat tonight, not a lot, but then do you ever need a lot of rhubarb.
I have been winding some yarn I dyed last week which dried on top of the aga, and have been practicing on my spinning wheel. I kind of acquired some fleece from a local farmer and am working on it, the smell is heavenly rural, the lanolin makes my hands very soft and my arm muscles are increasing when I card the fibres ( who needs the gym I tell you).
Breakfast was home made granola with soya milk, some freshly juiced apple juice. After some rest, little son ( aged 7) told me something like :
Come on Mum, weed pulling time
He put his wellies on, donned a nice hat, got the wheelbarrow and went and attacked the brambles. He also delighted in the sticky weed that sticks to your clothing and we had a bit of a fight with that in the garden. I limit myself to 2 buckets of weeds per day which get added to the large compost heap. Oh, I made some freshly baked rolls for lunch which the boys devoured as well.
After lunch, the boys played outside although one of them decided to build a model out of lego. I spun a bobbin of yarn and worked away until at about 3 pm I sat down with my nice cup of tea. Is this how life could be, sounds maybe like the Little House on the Prairie but there really is some benefit in staying home, not using the car, working out in the garden, picking your own vegetables and having meaningful conversations with your children. We debated cable TV and whether we could do without....appears not as yet.
I try to stay away from the shops...better that way.

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