Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Dear Son,

You might have noticed that I have moved from the coop last night and have settled in well in my new home. I had to move because you were pecking me all the time and I am pleased to leave that behind in any case. I am now surrounded by 10 lovely chicks who seem to be spending their time looking up at me, finding out who I am and nestling quite close to me. These chicks have no idea on country living, they used to live in massive condos where food was provided on tap, the temperature controlled and there were no perches. Fancy having to explain how to sit on a perch, at my age. Wisdom comes with age and I wish you the same. Cannot wait until these chicks get the hang of living in our new home, but on first impressions they do seem a bit stupid, pecking away at the wood trying to find food as where they could be out there scratching the ground and finding lovely bugs. It wil ofcourse take time, all education of young ones takes time and I am getting a bit older now. My feet are aching a bit, getting used to the changes in the home environment but don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. The keeper of the house seems friendly and as bemused as me that the chicks do not wish to be outside. I would like to say I like it here but it is day one and it might just be a bit presumptious to say that. I hope you are being nice to the ladies I left behind and you are taking great care of them.

Your Dad, Squeek.

( Squeek is the Orpington cockerill who is finding a new home here with 10 new chicks) He seems to be a gentle giant and his call in the morning was not too ofputting ----the neighbours have not yet come around to check what the noise is about.

I am looking forward to the eggs when the chickens have settled as well as lovely manure to heat up my compost heap. ( I know, you probably do not get excited about that one, but to me, there is beginning to be some comprehension how things fit together even though the world might seem chaotic, there seems to be some plan).

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